Algebra is a branch of mathematics that is developed  over a period of time to solve a group of problems in a faster and a better way.Algebra  works  based on the formulation of unknown values called variables,unlike in arithmetic is based on numbers.In this  we shall give  guidance to  an important topic which forms the basis of algebra "The study of equations".

Algebra 1 Homework Help

In Algebra1 home work we shall introduce the definitions first which leads to build the Equation and further solve the equation for any given application.
Definition: Variable
Variable is quantity which keeps changing. Example age of a man, velocity of a moving body .They are also denoted by lower case letters example x,y .
Definition: Exponent
Exponent is Power raised for a given Variable Example  x2  Here x is a variable and 2 is the power raised to it.2 is called the exponent.
Use of parentheses and brackets
Parentheses ( ) and brackets [ ] can be used to solve a standard algebraic expression.
Operations : Addition, multiplication,subtraction
We use the symbols + and - for normal addition and subtraction,for multiplication we can use * or DOT . with the use of parentheses or brackets for example we can write 9*x as 9x and 10* (5x+2) as just 10(5x+2) here we have used parentheses to multiply an algebraic equation.
Order of operation : To solve any given equation in algebra has defined a standard procedure or rule to solve a algebraic equation known as BODMAS RULE
B stands for Brackett
O stands for off
D stands for division
M stands for Multiplication
A stands for addition
S stands for subtraction.
Order of parentheses :
To Solve a given algebraic equation we first eliminate the small bracket ( ) ,then comes { } and [ ]
We shall  now cover some examples for Algebra Home work help.
Example 1
Solve the equation 9x-8=10
Step1: 9x=10+8 Transfer 8 towards the right side.
Step2: 9x=18
Step3: x=18/2
step4: x=9
: x=9
Example 2
Solve the equation  $\frac{x}{9}=\frac{12}{4}$
Step1 $ \frac{x}{9}=\frac{12}{4}$
Step2 $x=\frac{12}{4}*9$ Cross multiply
Step3 x=3*9 =27 12 goes 3 times by 4.
Step4 x= 27
Solution : 27
Example 3
Multiply (2x+6)(6x+9) by FOIL Method
Step1 F stands for first term
         O stands for outside term
         I stands for inner term
         L stands for last term

2x * 6x + 2x *9 + 6*6x+ 6*9
In the above step 2x is the first term multiplied by inner and last  6 is the Outside term multiplied by inner and last.
12x2+54x+54. Adding  the like terms in the middle.
Solution : 12x2+54x+54.
Example 4:
Simplify the given algebraic equation 2x+(3x-5)(2x+4)+9=2x2
Step1: First according to Bodmas multiply the Brackets
Step2  2x+3x*2x+3x*4-5*2x-5*4=2x2
Step3 2x+6x2+12x-10x-20=2x2
Step4 6x2-2x2+4x-20=0
Step5 4x2+4x-20=0
Solution : 4x2+4x-20=0.
Example 5 :
Solve the equation 2x2+4x=0
Step1 The given equation is  2x2+4x=0
Step2 2x(x+2)=0, Here taking the common factor x.
Step3 x=0 or x+2=0
Step4 x=0 or x=-2.
Solution : x=0 or x=-2