Algebra is the study of variables and constants .In this section we shall bring out the help on the study of algebra topics.We will cover important question and answers that will be helpful in doing the homework on algebra.The homework help on algebra concentrates on problems such as logarithms ,sets,linear equations simultaneous equations and statement problems.  

Algebra Homework Answers

1. Find the value of  367 * 400 using logarithms
Step1 Let x= 367 *400
Step 2 Take log on both sides
Step3 logx = log367 + log 400
Step 4 See the clerks table on logarithms
Step5 logx = 2.56+ 2.60
step 6 lox=11.89
Step7  x= anti log 5.16
x= 146800
Answer : 146800
2. Find the value of x in the following equation 2x+9=10
Step1 : 2x+9=10
Step2 : 2x=10-9
: x=1/2
Answer = 0.5
3. If A ={ a,1,5,e, O} and B={ a,O 3,8} find the Value of $ A\sqcap B$
Step1 Here $A\sqcap B$ denotes the common elements found both in the sets A and B
Step2 $A\sqcap B$ = { a,O} In the above given sets the two elements common are a and )
Answer :D= {a,O}
4.Solve the simultaneous equation 4x+6y=8 ; 3x-6y=6.
Step 1 : 4x+6y=8------------ ( 1)
            7x=14                    ( y variable cancels as it of opposite signs)
Step2 : put the value of x=2 in  equation (1)
Step3: 6y=8-8=0
Answer : x=2 , y=0
4. Find the value of this equation  $\frac{x^{2}}{9}=\frac{144}{16}$
Step1$ \frac{x^{2}}{9}=\frac{144}{16}$
Step2 Cross multiply
Step3 $x^{2}= \frac{144*9}{16}$
Step5 x=9 and -9 .
Answer : x={ 9,-9}
5. Factorise $x^{2}+5x+6=0$
Step1  $x^{2}+5x+6=0$
Step2 $x^{2}+2x+3x+6=0$
Step3 x(x+2)+3(x+2)=0
Step4 Here x+2 is common
Step5 (x+2)(x+3)=0
Step6 x+2=0; x+3=0
Step7 x=-2 and x=-3.
Answer : x={ 2,-3}.
6.The sum of two consecutive integers is 49 find the integers.
Step1 Let the integers be x and x+1
Step2 Their sum
Step3 x+x+1=49
Step4 2x+1=49
Step5 2x=49-1
Step6 2x=48
Step7 x=48/2
Step8 x=24
Answer x=24